Goldwind Energy

Solution for Clean Energy Asset Management

Risk sharing for asset value preservation and appreciation

With over 20 years of management capability of clean energy assets, Goldwind supports its partners in gaining stable benefits through the expansion of green transformation and development of the economy and society using data-driven and leading electricity trading strategies and innovative operations.

Lifecycle service ecosystem Maximizing the value of clean energy assets

Assets are under custody
19+ GW
Market-based electricity are traded annually
20+ billion kWh

Facility management

Experience sharing

  • 机组管理超过5000台
  • 光伏设备管理超过2GW
  • 连续5年超全国平均发电小时数对标率105%

Spare parts support

  • 备件库体系服务网络覆盖
  • 90%备件7×24h到货
  • 100+家输变电设备合作生态圈

Improve efficiency and reduce cost

Risk warning

  • 100+种故障类型预警
  • 80%问题预警成功率

Technology advancement

  • 1500+台机组成功技改经验
  • 100+项技术专利及企业标准
  • 50+项受理实审专利及软著

Power output guarantee

Innovative regional operation inspection + shared ecosystem management

  • 智慧监控+以服务半径优化人员结构
  • 3000+家上市公司企业标准共享
  • 6年保险平台与生态共享
  • 超过1500名一线服务团队

Power system analysis

  • 28个省份自主投资项目规模10+GW
  • 18个省份网架结构分析成果

Digital empowerment

Business flow standardization

  • 工作流、物料流、缺陷流、费用流无障碍连通
  • 桥理业务流程超220个,工作规范标准超100项
  • “类区块链〞不可篡改

Data Driven

  • 16GW资产管理数据
  • 5000+风机 SCADA 运行数据
  • 拥有50+经营指标的智能分析界面

Streamlined management

  • 投资收益视角的滚动界面
  • 多维度分类工作界面

Electricity trading

Smart trading

  • 源网荷一体化能力建设
  • 16+GW托管发电资产
  • 6家售电公司
  • 100人源网研究团队

Asset value enhancement

Carbon/ green electricity certificate trading

  • 新能源场站环保价值挖掘
  • 绿证交易(国际、国内)
  • CCER+碳资产+碳交易管理一站式服务

Asset value preservation and appreciation

  • 数据资产价值挖掘
  • 综合收益最大为原则的运检规则革新
  • 资产体检及资产保值增值解决方家
Risk warningImprove efficiency and reduce costPower output guaranteeFacility managementDigital empowermentElectricity tradingAsset value enhancementPower system analysisInnovative regional operation inspection + shared ecosystem managementBig data + EAMBusiness flow standardizationData DrivenStreamlined managementSmart tradingCarbon/ green electricity certificate tradingAsset value preservation and appreciationTechnology advancementExperience sharingSpare parts supportLockyield volatility factor

Solution to cure assets

Investment consultation and asset checker consulting service

With years of clean energy asset management experience and strength in the analysis of massive data, Goldwind can provide industrial investment consulting solutions including clean energy asset health check-ups, electricity capacity evaluation, and electricity price prediction to provide investment decision-making references for clean energy asset investors. These solutions apply to clean energy asset acquisition, independent development, and value evaluation of assets that have generated power. The solutions have been applied to the management of 1.35 million kW of clean energy assets for 20 companies in 8 provinces and municipalities in China.

Value risks of electricity spot market with ease

Electricity price forecasting and electricity trading solution

As the construction of the new power systems has accelerated, the trading scale and the number of main entities in the spot market, auxiliary service market, and green power market have increased substantially. However, the aftermath of the energy and power shortage crisis still exists. Price competition occurs when wind power and solar power are in oversupply, resulting in a green energy surplus. The electricity trading solutions enable power companies to handle a more complicated market environment, change and improve trading strategies, and more effectively preserve the value of assets.

Electricity price services

We provide mechanisms to insure that the average annual electricity price is not lower than the average spot settlement price and the annual average electricity price is not lower than the benchmark electricity price agreed by both parties.

Customized trading manager services

We provide customized trading services such as medium- and long-term trading, spot trading, energy storage trading, green electricity certificate trading, carbon emissions trading, and power derivatives trading.

Professional team

  • The first professional electricity trading team in China
  • Area-based division of work and high labor efficiency

Policy Interpretation

  • Follow the latest power policies
  • In-depth analysis of new policies and rules

Trading performance

  • Over 2,000 transactions daily in China
  • Over 20 TWh of electricity traded in 2021 in China

Clean energy asset value preservation and appreciation

Asset management and value custody service

The era of parity has witnessed a declining return on investment in the power industry and increasing uncertainty of income. Goldwind, with its value custody solutions featuring rich experience in source and grid, electricity trading, facility management, and technical evaluation capabilities, continuously pays attention to the root causes of income fluctuations. Goldwind aims to maximize the income and net profit of partners and provide different levels of income index certainties according to different risk management demand scenarios of customers, thus contributing to project financing, asset transaction, asset standardization, and integration of industry and finance.

Value custody solution

Guarantee the annual equivalent power generation hours of generator-end power or on-grid powerCustody service featuring power output guarantee Guarantee the income from comprehensive power generationFacility managementStreamlined managementPower rationing risk managementDigital serviceLoss insurance against wind speed fluctuationIncome-guarantee custody service Reduce investment income uncertainty and ensure investment income as scheduledNet profit-guarantee custody service