Goldwind EP

Smart Water Utility for a Clean and Better Future

Applying smart, clean energy is crucial in the push for sustainable development and a green economy. To protect the environment better, Goldwind has made forward-looking innovations. We invest in water utility and strive to combine water utility with clean energy technologies and provide regional public utilities and industrial customers with optimal green solutions for a better life.

Water utility asset investment and operation management

Goldwind will always focus on water utility asset investment, construction & operation, and technology innovation, furthering industrial chain development in water utility and environmental protection. The environmental protection projects we invest in cover municipal water supply, municipal sewage treatment, industrial sewage treatment, and reclaimed water reuse and have played an essential role in the application of clean energy and reflect great significance in our goal of "driving a renewable future". Today, those projects have benefited over 10 million people by providing clean water.

Investment and operation of sewage treatment project

Investment and operation of solid waste treatment

Investment and operation of sludge treatment

Water utility EPC

Entrusted operation of water utility assets and water-energy integration

As of today, the water utility assets invested and managed by Goldwind

water utility projects
contracted water utility and sludge assets
2.83million tons
provinces(cities) covered by the Goldwind water utility business
assets under management

Environmental protection and combined transport of clean energy

Green and intelligent water plant solution

Through precise control, green power application and sewage & sludge recycling, Goldwind EP's green intelligent water plants employ digital smart water utility platforms to promote the construction of green, low-carbon and high-quality water plants and the low-carbon transformation of the water utility industry, thus contributing to a green and livable urban environment.

Goldwind smart water utility platform

As a standard and extensible intelligent platform, Goldwind EP's innovative water utility platform integrates perception detection, refined supervision, digital management and control, objective evaluation and intelligent decision-making. Through intelligent analysis of real-time data, test results and operation status of water plants under its management, the platform reflects water plant management in a more refined, transient and instantaneous manner to enable efficient operation.

Refined management

Unattended guard and automated operation help achieve refinement and efficiency

Intelligent decision-making

Real-time big data analysis helps develop operation plans and improve the overall operational efficiency of water plants

Process optimization

Data analysis of water inflow and outflow, dissolved oxygen/sludge concentration in the water plant helps develop process solutions and optimize the operation strategy of the water plant

Core water treatment technology that drives intelligent technological innovation

Backed by the digital smart water utility platform, Goldwind EP develops and innovates its sewage treatment technology, smart operation technology, sludge reduction, and disposal technology to improve operational efficiency and energy consumption, thus ultimately addressing the "three highs (high power consumption, high drug consumption, and high sludge concentration) and one difficulty (difficulty in the disposal of sludge)" in plant operation.

Sewage treatment technology

Ozone catalytic oxidation technology and ozone + BAF/MBBR integration process

Smart operation technology

Accurate dosing, accurate aeration, intelligent lifting control of the water pump and smart mixed liquid, sludge reflux, and sludge discharge control system

Sludge reduction and disposal technology

Low-temperature sludge drying and sludge biochemical activity upgrading technology

All resources are valuable

Resource recycling solution

Just as blade material recycling is essential in the wind power industry, recycling every precious resource is important to us. In our projects, sludge will serve as a coal substitute to contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Recycling of sewage resources

Sewage recycling is a practical and win-win approach to handling water resource shortages, environmental water pollution and water ecology damage. Furthermore, it is also a requirement for the high-quality development of the water utility industry. Goldwind EP will always promote sewage recycling and reclaimed water reuse as it converts municipal sewage and tailwater into usable water resources to maximize the utilization rate of water resources.

Recycling of sludge resources

Goldwind EP promotes its sludge product business and uses local resources to build local sludge treatment centers in the context of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals. In the meantime, with the application of forest fertilizer and R&D of high-value fertilizers, we also make efforts to improve soil quality and promote fertilizer in the local market, reduce resource waste, and improve the urban environment.

  • Water content of sludge: < 20%
  • Ratio of other added ingredients: about 10% of the weight of dry sludge
  • Calorific value of sludge: 1,500-2,500 kcal

Goldwind EP water utility practice

Shandong Caoxian County Sewage Treatment Project

Zhejiang Fengqiao Sewage Treatment Project

Anhui Dingyuan Sewage Treatment Project

Zhejiang Haidong Sewage Treatment Project

Shandong Yanggu Sewage Treatment Project

Guizhou Qianxi Tap Water Project