Goldwind Capital

Investing in a Renewable World

Industrial investors power the transformation acceleration in this carbon peaking and neutrality era with profound insight and rich experience. By offering one-stop financial solutions, Goldwind Capital focuses on its partners' investment and financing needs regarding clean-energy-related industries to jointly improve industrial capital efficiency and risk management, promote the integration of industry and finance and empower technological innovation. Aiming to build itself into a leading international green industrial financial institution, Goldwind Capital constantly promotes industry-finance cooperation to create an industrial chain ecology and long-term value.

Energy equipment financial leasing solutions

Based on its solid technologies and rich experience, Goldwind Capital provides industrial partners with reasonable suggestions for the construction of clean energy farms and clean energy industrial partners with high-quality energy equipment financial leasing solutions in a bid to facilitate the green transformation of value chains, promote the coordinated development of the whole industrial chain and contribute to the comprehensive and sustainable social development and the goal of carbon neutrality.

Financial leasing for wind farms

Regarding wind turbines, towers, blades, electric control equipment, lines, wind turbine foundation, booster station, communication equipment and O&M buildings.

Financial leasing for equipment manufacturers

For wind power equipment suppliers and their extended secondary suppliers, and new energy equipment suppliers

Financial leasing for other clean energy-related fields

Regarding smart microgrids and contracted energy management

Financial leasing for energy conservation and emission reduction

Regarding PV, water utility, energy conservation and environmental protection

Supply chain finance solution

Enabled by the Internet and financial technologies, Goldwind Capital independently develops customized products, including Goldwind Yunxin and Goldwind Miaotie. As a core enterprise in the value chain, it communicates the trade credit between the core companies and the quality suppliers. It focuses on solving the financing difficulties of SMEs and addressing the financial pressure in manufacturing and project engineering construction, thus enhancing its own operational capacity and market position, as well as the competitive strength of the whole industry.

Commercial factoring

Comprehensive management of accounts receivable and optimization of financial statements

Bank factoring

High-quality credit transmission and large-amount financing solution

Order financing

Efficient and convenient big data collection and online bank audit

Factoring pool finance

Collection of multiple accounts receivable and higher financing limits

Innovative Finance Technology Platform

Goldwind Yunxin

Goldwind issues electronic credit certificates that reflect the creditor-debtor relationship between both parties in basic contracts to suppliers

Innovative financeTechnology platform

Goldwind Miaotie

One-stop discount service platform for enterprise bills, where bill holders can submit discount applications, sign bills online and receive funding quickly

Industrial fund and "equity+debt" financing

Goldwind Capital establishes industrial funds with partners and adopts a diversified mode of "equity+debt". It focuses on one-stop comprehensive financial services such as wind turbines, EPC contracting, operation and maintenance, and financing to create stable "cash cow" assets. We aim to improve the industry's financing ecological environment, establish an asset credit system and support the development of Goldwind’s main business with the new financial idea of "shifting the focus from subjects to projects".

Wind farm investors can enjoy a complete range of equipment, engineering, and O&M services while obtaining overall financing through Goldwind Industrial Fund's financial services.

Comprehensive financial service solution O&M service Financial services EPC contracting Turbine equipment

Pursue green finance innovation Continue to make industry-finance innovations in clean energy

The successful development of green finance powered by solutions to climate change, environment improvement and efficient resource use is essential in industrial innovation for carbon peaking and neutrality. Goldwind Capital has set several records in green finance by promoting innovative green finance products, including green bonds, carbon neutrality ABS , and green loans. In 2021, the first carbon neutrality ABS was issued at Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Green bond
Carbon neutrality ABS
Green USD bond
2013 2015 2016 2018 2020 2021
Since 2015, Goldwind Technology has issued bonds valued at

Goldwind issued corporate bonds valued at RMB 3 billion

Goldwind issued the world’s first Chinese-funded green corporate bonds valued at USD 300 million in Hong Kong

Goldwind issued China’s first green ABS valued at RMB 1.275 billion and China’s first green perpetual bonds valued at RMB 1.5 billion

Goldwind registered perpetual green bonds valued at RMB 2 billion (RMB 500 million of bonds were issued in the first phase)

Goldwind issued green option-embedded MTNs valued at RMB 1 billion

Goldwind issued the first carbon neutrality ABS valued at RMB 500 million at Shanghai Stock Exchange

RMB 9.875 billion in total

PE strategic investment

In the context of carbon neutrality and peaking goals, Goldwind Investment stresses three popular investment subjects: carbon neutrality, automatic control of industrial chains and digitalization. While focusing on investment and M&A opportunities regarding key technical links of the wind power industry chain, ecological scenarios of comprehensive energy services, digital industrial and software simulation and cutting-edge technologies, we also seek possibilities in further combination of technological innovation and industrial practice, thus reshaping the industrial chain ecology and creating long-term values.

JL MAG 300748.SZ
Leading company in wind power, NEVs, rare earth, and permanent magnet materials
Sinoma Science & Technology 002080.SZ
A company mainly engaged in special fiber composite materials, with a focus on new energy, aerospace, energy conservation, and emission reduction
Delijia Transmission Technology
The leader in innovative and growth-oriented gear transmission design and development, with precision manufacturing technology
Best wind radar company in China and the only one in the country that can independently produce laser generators for wind measurement
Visight A22249.SZ
Leading company in core materials of wind turbine blade
Shandong Jindi A22498.SH
Leading supplier of bearing retainer and precision stamping parts
Shandong Jindi A22498.SH
Leading supplier of bearing retainer and precision stamping parts
The leading supplier of lithium iron phosphate and iron potassium phosphate batteries with the highest delivery volume and shipment growth rate
A domestic hydrogen energy unicorn incubated by Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Motorcomm 688515.SH
One of the very few suppliers in China that owns independent intellectual property rights and achieves large-scale sales of Ethernet physical layer chips
The creator of commercial space transportation systems and a leading domestic research and manufacturing enterprise of liquid oxygen methane rockets